Ben Esler
VFX Artist


During Global Game Jam 2016 I worked in a team of 12 to make a game in 48 hours. The theme that the game had to be designed around was “Ritual”. After an hour or two we decided to create a 3D side-scroller, with a cat spirit as the main character. The player starts at the bottom of a monolith and helps other spirits reach the top. Once there they combine their skills to complete a ritual to continue to the spirit world.

My initial responsibility to was to make the base character class that had unique movement. The character moves around the monolith in a circular fashion. Once I had passed the base character to the other programmers I began working on the two materials that were used everywhere. Having issues with one of the materials I researched for the effect I was looking for and I found a great reference for flat-shading. When I finished those I noticed that the set-dressers where having to spend a lot of time placing small assets on the hilly terrain. To help, I made several spline based assets that would automatically place the small assets for them.

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