Ben Esler
VFX Artist

These assets were created to test a level design, with the artist and player in mind. During gameplay the player navigates a level by moving energy to and from podiums to unlock areas of the level.


When an artist places a podium in the world they select which actors in the level are powered by it and can place a spline component to the other actors. During the construction script this component is referenced for generating a spline mesh, illustrating to the player what the podium controls.

A box collider toggles visibility of a text render to notify the player they can interact with it and enables input from the player controller. When they press ‘E’ it either removes or adds power to a target actor from the player’s inventory.

Door and Shield

During the construction script, the actor’s scale is used to set the world position and scale of the mesh components and colliders. Artists have found this more intuitive than using the actor’s variables. The actors have a public variable for the artist to set how much energy it needs to be activated.

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